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Annual SurveysNASSGAP Annual Surveys    
Using Survey Data - NASSGAP
     Please read this document. If you want to use survey data, you are encouraged to use the live data base via the Query Tool or one of the quick tools below and not the printed reports, which (unfortunately) may be out of date.
Annual Survey Query Tool
     Use this online custom query tool to develop specifc inquiries for the NASSGAP Annual Survey database.
State Data Quick Check
     Shows expenditures by program for a selected state and a selected year.
Program Quick Finder
     This tool can help identify reported programs by user selected criteria.
47th Annual Survey2015-16 data    
46th Annual Survey2014-15 data    
45th Annual Survey2013-14 data    
44th Annual Survey2012-13 data    
43rd Annual Survey2011-12 data    
42nd Annual Survey2010-11 data    
41st Annual Survey2009-10 data    
40th Annual Survey2008-09 data    
39th Annual Survey2007-08 data    
38th Annual Survey2006-07 data    
37th Annual Survey2005-06 data    
36th Annual Survey2004-05 data    
35th Annual Survey 2003-04 data    
34th Annual Survey2002-03 data    
33rd Annual Survey2001-02 data    
32nd Annual Survey2000-01 data    
31st Annual Survey1999-2000 data    
Annual Surveys 20 to 301988-89 to 1998-99    
Annual Surveys 10 to 191978-79 to 1987-88    
Annual Surveys 1 to 91969-70 to 1977-78